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What Is CBD?

The Basics

CBD Cannabidiol MoleculeCBD is the short hand abbreviation for the Cannabidiol molecule. CBD is one of dozens of cannabinoids present in marijuana and hemp (cannabis sativa). All of our CBD at Impulse™ is originally derived from 100% all natural hemp crops. Even though CBD is found in strains of marijuana and hemp it is non-psychoactive so it does not produce a "stoned" feeling. In fact, during recent studies it has been found out that CBD actually combats the feeling and effects of THC in the human body. With all of these facts combined CBD is the go-to solution for everyday human ailments.

Hemp Seed Oil vs. CO2 Hemp Oil

CO2 processed hemp oil has only emerged onto the market recently so a lot of people tend to get it confused the hemp seed oil which has been available for years. The differences between the two oils are quite clear. Hemp seed oil is obtained from crushing hemp seeds only while CO2 processed hemp oil contains psyto-nutrients from the entire growing plant including the hemp flowers, leaves and stalks. Cold pressed hemp seed oil contains a high concentration of essential fatty acids, proteins and vitamins however when these plants are blasted with over 10,000 psi of carbon dioxide the result is a unique all natural, solvent-free, CBD-rich extract.